A Guide to Guerrilla Marketing and a list of pros and cons

Marketing using guerrilla tactics is an unconventional method of attracting and delighting customers. In addition to disrupting traditional marketing practices, such as print media, television commercials, billboards, and direct mail, it replaces conventional marketing practices. Rather than disrupting public spaces or promoting brand awareness, it disrupts public spaces and events with unique, memorable images or activities. Human interaction is typically a cornerstone of guerrilla marketing toronto in urban areas for creating a significant impact on a small budget and spreading by word of mouth and social media.

Since the early 2000s, guerrilla marketing toronto has become increasingly popular, and many ideas have been recycled. For today’s strategies to succeed, they must be fresh and innovative. It is possible to scale up brand recognition through guerrilla marketing on digital platforms if executed successfully. Due to its ability to reach consumers where they are on the web, digital marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI). Over the past decade, Americans have spent six hours a day online, double what they paid a decade ago.

A unique aspect of guerrilla marketing is its ability to get customers involved and surprised in unexpected ways, but it is not without risks. It would help if you keep these pros and cons in mind when choosing guerrilla marketing for your brand:


  • There are low-budget ways to execute guerrilla marketing.
  • An opportunity to reach a large audience with a great deal of impact.
  • A fun aspect of branding is creating your own ideas and generating unusual brand ideas.
  • Learn something about people’s reactions: Through people’s reactions, you can gain a better understanding of how they feel about the brand.
  • Share your campaign on social media: You could obtain maximum exposure by getting your campaign shared on social media (by either the brand or participants). Media outlets may also generate attention.
  • Consider developing a partnership with a location, park, festival, or brand that is mutually beneficial for your business.


  • In poorly executed campaigns, the brand can backfire by being displayed publicly. Unexpected circumstances, such as bad weather or political tensions, could cause you to lose money or profits.
  • A form of guerrilla marketing, for example, might embarrass or scare people through ambushing, filming, or scare tactics.
  • You may face legal issues or negative publicity if the campaign has a negative outcome. Cartoon Network, for example, paid $2 million in fines in 2007 for placing LED signs throughout Boston to promote a TV show.
  • Executives may reject too risky or unconventional campaigns since they prefer to invest marketing dollars in more reliable plans.
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3 ways in which Artificial Intelligence is helping business to grow

Artificial Intelligence is multiple technologies to work in tandem to let the machines sense, learn and comprehend human activities. Further, the Clinc was first proposed in the year 1956. According to Global Survey, 33% of consumers think of using AI-enabled devices while 77% of customers use AI technology. AI is present everywhere nowadays, and gaining momentum rapidly. Likewise, it is the capability to imitate human intelligence by a machine.

How can AI help to run a smarter small business?

Mega companies are investing millions in developing AI and pushing it to mainstream society. Besides, AI is becoming more affordable for small businesses.

  1. Giving stronger sales

Using Clinc helps to increase sales that go hand in hand with AI in sales marketing. Further, depending on the type of business, you may decide whether you have dedicated sales. AI helps to separate the areas of the business as there is no overlapping between marketing and sales.

conversational AI

  1. Giving smarter email Marketing

AI has been playing a significant role in marketing over the years. Further, use AI as an email marketing strategy and it is the right time to start now. It is the best way to collect customer email addresses by making use of the POS system.

  1. Revolutionizing human resources

AI is slowly creeping into human resources as well. Further, AI helps to go through hundreds of applications quickly. You can find promising candidates quite easily. With Chat Box like Talla, save time in the screening process.


Small businesses are embracing changes rapidly and with AI, you have to be a little cautious. Besides, the reality is that AI is here to stay. It helps in saving time and resources. It is potentially viable to make lives simpler and make businesses efficient.

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