Shopping Guide to the Mattresses Types Available in the Market

Buying a new mattress is quite exciting if it’s been a while since you did one. Science has come a long way in the past few years. There are a lot of new innovations to suite your specific sleep needs. However, it is pretty costly for you if you want to choose one with personal experience. So here is Hommetts shopping guide to the 8 common types of mattresses and help you make an educated good purchasing decision.


Innerspring or coil uses an internal support of metal springs. The quality of an innerspring mattress is measured by the number of coils in the design. The number and distribution account for giving comfort to the body. Various Spring shapes and coil gauges can affect the back resting quality. Back, side and tummy sleepers can go for Innerspring mattress.

#2.Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses use Latex foam. Latex can be natural or synthetic type. It is a double layered mattress. The top has Latex Blend and bottom has a high density foam. It is less dense, less heat emitting type so suitable for those looking plushness sleep. It has various levels of firmness suiting side, back or tummy sleepers. most comfortable mattress recommends Latex Mattresses above all other type of mattresses for best sleep after a full day tiresome work.

#3. Memory Foam

Memory Foam mattress distribute body weight evenly. Choosing thicker mattresses(16 inch) over super thin mattress(4inch) are super comfortable. The number of foam layers vary depending on the density of the mattress.

#4. Gel

Gel is added to the foam mattress to offer support system. It has a slightly different feel so one needs to test it out before buying it. Gel mattresses dissipate body heat so some prefer this over foam mattresses.

#5.Pillow Tops

Side sleepers may love pillow top mattress. Basically it is an additional layer of upholstery that can added to the top of a mattress. Being soft and cushiony, it allows hips and shoulder to sink in and give a comfortable back alignment.


It uses water as the primary support system and good for back sleepers. A waterbed has a rectangular water chamber padded with an upholstery material like a foam of fiber. Among the two types, free-flow waterbed types does not obstruct water flow between chambers and waveless waterbed, limits the water flow.So the choice depends on the amount of support and flexibility one prefers and whether or not the water movement distracts the sleep.

#7. AirBed

Air filled chambers are supported with foam or fiber upholstery. By adjusting the air amount the firmness of the mattress can be easily adjusted to suite the need. It is great for back sleepers.

#8.Adjustable base

The most flexible type mattress that offers relief and support whenever you need it. Base can be adjusted to elevate the head, raise the feet or provide back support. It is targeted for sleep related problems like muscle aches, back pains, heartburn, sleep apnea and more.

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