What Flea Treatment Is the Best for My Cat?

Fleas are not just a nuisance for your cat; they could lead to health issues. Using a good, quality flea control products means that you are looking out for your hairy friend. Flea control products do not come one-size-fits-all, and they must be tagged as safe for cats. Never use dog flea control on a cat. Different types of flea control products for cats contain collars, topical solutions, sprays, tablets, as well as oral solutions.

What is Flea Collar?

Flea collars for cats are used on your cat’s neck to give a constant flow of flea prevention. Many of these collars work for numerous months at a time. Common flea collars for cats include Seresto which protects against fleas for up to 8 months.

Flea Collar

Flea and tick collars are just one choice a pet proprietor has to control pesky parasites. Like additional flea and tick treatments, collars use chemicals to kill precise parasites at diverse life stages. Collars vary extensively in their effectiveness since they use diverse chemicals plus mechanisms to do their work.

One Size Does Not Fit All

A flea and tick collar for a dog could be deadly for a cat. An ingredient such as amitraz and permethrin are poisonous to cats. As well, the Natural Resources Defense Council reports that parasite control products contain organophosphates are potentially risky to pets and people. The Council found the probable risk to pets, kids, and adults from disclosure to some organophosphates, counting chemicals found in several flea collars.

Your vet can aid guide your flea plus tick prevention choices. There is a wide diversity of options to select from, including spot-on topical, oral tablets plus shots. If you select to use Flea collars for cats, use it as directed to make sure it’s safe to use for your cat otherwise dog.

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