Effective Head Lice Treatments

If you find that your child is constantly scratching their head bleeding and you check to see if they have lice, it’s time to use an effective lice remedy.Here are 3 options that will help you get rid of lice completely.

  1. The first possible method is the most natural remedy. But it also takes the longest.

In general, these insects love the warmth and humidity of sweat on the neck and behind the ears. In this case, you can use a fine comb, preferably a special lice comb. To do this, you need to comb your hair in sections, preferably wet. Rats and lice get on the comb when you brush your hair. Soak worms and lice comb in a bowl of vinegar and warm water. You can also retrieve the lice with your finger. Do this daily for two weeks to get rid of any remaining lice eggs and lice. You also have the option of using an electric comb that will burn the lice. But this accessory will not affect lice eggs.

  1. The second possible treatment for lice is the use of traditional shampoos and other chemical products.

There are many types of lice control insecticides on the market used by lice doctors fort worth. Can be in the form of shampoo, spray or lotion. Since head lice can also infect babies, you can use special products for sensitive hair. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended exposure time, duration or frequency of treatment. Products with dimethicone cover both lice and lice eggs, and then the parasites suffocate and die.

These types of products usually do not require a comb, although it is best to comb your hair after treatment and do not leave marks or smells. It can also be used on the scalp of children 6 months and older.In this case, it is enough to apply the product on dry hair before going to bed and leave it on for eight hours. The next day, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

  1. A third way to get rid of head lice is to use a home remedy. This is one of my favorite remedies because they are effective, natural and environmentally friendly.

Some essential oils have been shown to be effective in eliminating head lice. A few drops of lavender essential oil behind the ears will allow the lice to escape. You can also use lavender oil with wine vinegar.Olive oil or white vinegar are also proven to be very good, as most of these natural products are designed to kill head lice. And if you want to prevent lice infestations, add 2 tablespoons of good-quality wine vinegar to each shampoo.

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