No Visible Algae And Debris, Why Do You Need Roof Washing?

For many homeowners, if they do not see any buildup, storm debris, or any growth in their roof, then there’s no need to clean it. Little did they know that there are algae and debris that are not visible to the eyes. There is also buildup that can be lurking in between those hard-to-reach areas. That is why every homeowner mustn’t wait until they see any signs of algae or moss on their roof edges and shingles to schedule a Destin FL home services for their roofs’ pressure washing needs. Here are the reasons why:

Loving Dark and Damp Places

These algae, moss, mildew, and mold love the dark. They would grow in damp spaces that are away from air and sunlight. That means that these are the parts of your room that you cannot see easily without a thorough inspection. For your home, these spaces are usually under or around the shingles and roofing tiles. You cannot see them from the ground but can be identified by a professional roof cleaner.

No Visible Algae And Debris, Why Do You Need Roof Washing?

Algae And Debris Can Damage Your Roof

Once the algae and other debris begin to develop, they will quickly grow and spread. They will start to dislodge and soften the roofing tiles. And if you are located in humid environments, their development will be so much faster, which means that you will see damage in your roof in just a short time. Premature damage to asphalt roofing can happen in as little as ten years. And this type of roofing should last up to 25 years.

Regular Washing Will Only Cause Contaminant Buildup

Some people choose to spray their roof with water to wash away the leaves, twigs, and other debris, especially after a storm. Little did they know that doing this can only cause mold and algae to grow. But with pressure washing, it can prevent the buildup of these contaminants. That means that your roof can stay longer and will still look its best.

If you think that pressure washing is the right solution to your problem, then you need to make sure that you get in touch with a reputable company that offers these services. There are plenty in Destin, FL., but finding one that you can trust can be a challenge. One of the most trusted names in this industry is Outdoor Extreme Clean. So give them a call or visit their website to check out the services they offer.


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