Apples: How to grow and harvest?

Many gardeners dream is to grow their juicy own juicy apples. Apples are the favorite fruit of many people, and getting them at your own garden means you get fresh fruits. You need not require acres of land to grow apple, even in the small place, you could grow apples. Climate condition is much important when you are growing fruits. So, take into consideration the fall apple harvest before start planting apples. You can harvest it successfully only if you grow in the right season.

Depending on where you live, choose the best climate and start growing the apples. Before planting, remove all the weeds and other grass in the place where you are going to grow apple. Care is much important while growing apples. Water young trees regularly. Pest control is much important to take care of the plant.

store apples after harvest

It is essential to research the climate to know which pests are more likely to be a problem to apply the right controls at the right time. Use organic pesticides so that you get fresh fruits. You have to harvest the apples patiently, find the perfect time the fall apple harvest. Pluck the apples when their background color is no longer green. According to apply variety, the harvest season can change.

If you get the apple that is overripe and soft, consider using it for cooking. Also, storing the apple is necessary to maintain its good condition. Now, you can enjoy the apples to make your favorite desserts or eat fresh fruits.