The Origin of the Valen of Wicked

Hamed Wardak is an indigene of Kabul in Afghanistan and he has quite a history as a musician. He is a booming talent and has the propensity to go to the next level in popularity. He has an interesting background and came from one of the most popular families in Afghanistan.  He is the son of the current Defense Minister in Afghanistan. He didn’t start his life as an entertainer, but he grew into it over time and has become one of the most celebrated entertainers in the country. His popularity is growing very fast and he is getting popular even beyond the boundaries of his home country.  There are strong indications that he will grow even more popular with time.

Budding Entertainer

Hamed Wardak was born in Kabul, Afghanistan quite alright, but most of his formative years were spent in Pakistan. Though, he later moved to the United States to acquire more knowledge.  He even had his university education in the United States; he was the student of Georgetown University in Washington D.C.  He got admissilon into the university in 1993 and graduated in 1997.  He was a very good student in the university and graduated with honors; he was named the valedictorian of his graduating class from Georgetown University in 1997. He studied Government and Political Theory in the university and graduated with BA Hons.

Since leaving the university, he had made effort to build his carrier and professionalism. He has also taken time to build his brand as a topnotch entertainer. He is currently named Valen of Wicked on the stage. He has a goal of bridging the gap of generations for creating a more beautiful future. He is equally concerned with spreading the message of hope and peace all through this generation and the generation to come he is equally doing this with a sense of urgency.

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