A Great Man And A Good Music

Hamed Wardak, a man that is known for his music. A man that treasures the idea of peace and shows how beautiful music is. His music is a reflection of himself, a clear and meaningful one. A piece of music that is filled with feelings and loved by the world. As the world turns dark, people like Hamed want to make it shine again and let the future children see how beautiful the place they are living is. The world may be polluted and full of wars, but if one looks on the brighter side, It is beautiful without a doubt as it is one of the masterpieces in the league of art.

Hamed is a man that reaches out to his fans and other people. A music sheet holds the content of his emotions and heart-melting lyrics.

emotions and heart-melting lyrics

To write a music

To make a piece of very own music, then one should look for inspiration and stories. The more one is attached to the inspiration, or one has experienced a lot, the more it can produce a better and beautiful piece. Write down all one’s thoughts, organize it, and clump it all together. Lyrics are like a story that is being cut into pieces, but once put into together; it may produce a wonderful life story. Get or think of the perfect beat and rhythm for these lyrics. Sing it with passion, feelings, and all. And for that, one can make the best and the music that will help everyone willing to lessen.

Have some perspective in life

Perspective is something that we want to believe in; it is one of our mindsets and goals that we need to protect and to fight for. A good singer has some perspective to hold. Each of them all has dreams, desires, and things to reach like ordinary people. Having a mindset will help boost one’s loyalty and will cut the path to success. A good perspective can make good music like Hamed that loves the idea of world peace and not losing hope that someday one will get a hold of it not maybe for his time but the future generations. One must have something to believe in, for one not to lose faith and hope. Just like music, no matter how one changes the lyrics, the rhythm will still be the same no matter what, as it is what the listeners believe to be its very own tune.

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